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How to buy a good wine fridge.?

What is a wine fridge?

Wine fridges are refrigerators units that are designed solely for the purpose of storing wines at optimal cool temperatures.  Regular bar fridges as well as top or bottom mount fridges usually operate at very low temperatures that is not optimal for wine storage. A wine fridge on the other hand are specialised cooling units that lets you store wine bottles at optimal temperatures which is ideal for long-term wine storage.  Wine fridges create the right amount of humidity and temperature that aids in good wine storage.  If you are the wine enthusiast or even like to add a little bit of class and elegance to your home, a wine fridge is the best way to go.


Why can’t I use a normal fridge to store wine?

Normal top mount or bottom mount fridges have very low operating temperatures that keep your normal foods cold. Wines on the other hand has their own optimal storage conditions that cannot be replicated on a standard fridge. Therefore, it is not recommended that you store your normal wines on a stander refrigerator. Unlike normal fridges, a wine fridge creates the ideal environment for long term wine storage.


Why should I buy a wine fridge?

How and where your wine is stored plays an important role when it comes to drinking good wine. The storage condition of the wine can have a huge impact on the taste of the wine. To enjoy top quality wine, it is recommended that wines are stored in dark, cool and humid conditions, an environment that is hard to replicate due to climate conditions in Australia.

Until recently, these conditions could only be created only at huge wine cellars. An alternative option for wine storage was the regular top mount or bottom mount fridge. However, their extreme cold temperatures are not ideal for wine storage.

Enter the wine fridge!

Using a wine fridge to store wine can be an ideal way to preserve good quality aged wine. These units provide controlled humidity, lighting and temperature that is best for wine storage. Having a dedicated storage unit just for your wines can also mean that you save lots of space on your regular house fridge.


How to buy a wine fridge?

When buying a good wine fridge that is best for you, it is important that you understand your current needs when deciding. Here are some of our top tips when it comes to deciding on your next wine cooler.


Space: As wine units are a standalone unit, its is important to remember that they need their own space. This means that these units take up additional space in your house. Therefore, it is important that you ask yourself if you have the proper space needed for a wine cooler.


Storage Capacity: You also need to think ahead about how many bottles you are going to store. Wine fridges are somewhat an investment piece for your home, therefore if you are thinking of significantly growing your collection you may have to look at bigger options.


Locks: If your wine collection includes some very expensive bottles we suggest that you look into some units with a locking options. At Appliance Warehouse, we stock a wide range of units with lock features.


Temperature Zone: Generally, different wine bottles have their own optimal storage conditions. If you are the type of person who normally drinks only one type of wine, then you would only need a single storage unit. However, if you are to store different types of wine, it is then best to look at a unit with temperature controls.


Where can I buy a good wine fridge?

If you are currently looking for a top quality wine fridge at lowest prices, look no further than The Appliance Warehouse. We are an 100% Australian Owned & Operated company that specialises in selling the best wine fridges in the market. We currently stock a wide range of wine coolers across brand such as Dimplex, Haier, Hisense, Husky, Liebherr, Miele & Vintec. Our wine fridge range also include entry level units that can store 36 bottles all the way to top quality units that can store 180 bottles. If you require additional information on wine coolers, please give our friendly customer service team a call on 1300 783 469 or alternatively send us a email via our contact us form.


Top 10 Wine Fridges in 2018.

Here’s our list of top 10 bestselling wine fridges from 2018.


  1. Hisense 36 Bottle Wine Storage HR6WC36D
  2. Dimplex 45 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Fridge DWF45DZ
  3. Haier Wine Chiller JC160GD
  4. Vintec 50 Bottle Single Zone Wine Fridge V40SGES3
  5. Vintec 50 Bottle Single Zone Wine Fridge V40SGEBK
  6. Husky Dual Zone Wine Cabinet HUS-WC54D-ZY
  7. Liebherr 195 Bottles Freestanding Wine Cellar WKB4611
  8. 168 Bottles Liebherr Freestanding Wine Cellar WKB4112
  9. Vintec 166 Bottle Single Zone Wine Fridge V155SGES3
  10. Liebherr Vinidor Under Worktop 2 Temperature Wine Cabinet UWTES 1672



Pros & Cons of a Wine Fridge 


  • The cooling mechanism within wine fridges ensure that wines are ready to drink within a matter of minutes and not hours.
  • Wine bottles stored inside are not susceptible to climate conditions outside the units.
  • Units with temperature controls help tore different wines at their optimal storage condition.
  • Stylish design is sure to add a lot of class and elegance to your home.
  • The air compressor units of these units work very efficiently cost effective.



  • As they are stand-alone units, it can take additional space in your home.
  • Glass doors on units can easily get dirty with fingerprints and stains.
  • Cost varies with unit. Higher end models that are best for wine storage can cost you a lot of money. 
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