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Buying Guide for TVs in Australia

Over the years, TVs in Australia have advanced to a great extent. There are few things better than owning a large, crystal-clear TV that’s connected to a high-fidelity sound system, allowing you to enjoy the latest movies and television shows in stunning quality.

Buying a high-quality TV for a reasonable price has never been easier. However, it’s also more overwhelming than it’s ever been before. From different sizes and resolutions through to various integrated technologies, choosing the best TV can be a confusing and frustrating process. At Appliance Warehouse, we want to help you choose the TV that will give you the best quality and value for money you can get.

This buying guide will provide you with a simple and effective breakdown of the types of TVs and TV accessories available to help you make an informed choice that best suits your needs. It will also identify the most important things you should consider before making a decision.

What Type of TV Do I Want?

Depending on how passionate you are about your favourite sports program, TV show or movie, there are several different types of TVs available for purchase. Here is a list:

  • • LCD TVs: LCD refers to liquid-crystal display. While not quite as thin as LED TVs, LCD TVs nonetheless provide high-quality visuals at affordable prices.
  • • LED TVs: These are an offshoot of LCD TVs and use light-emitting diodes to illuminate the LCD screen. These are the most commonly used TVs due to their excellent picture quality and suitability for most lighting conditions.
  • • Plasma TVs: These perform best in darker rooms and offer wider viewing angles than many LCD or LED TVs. They experience minimal blurring when displaying fast-moving action and deliver a great picture quality.
  • • OLED TVs: OLED refers to organic light-emitting diode. Far more expensive than other TVs, they can display absolute black and impressive contrast by illuminating each of the millions of pixels.

What Size TV Should I Get?

Bigger TVs with ultra-high definition resolutions always look amazing – so it’s understandable that you might want to give in and get one. However, you need to be mindful of the size of the room you plan to install your new TV and TV accessories in. Keeping this in mind will ensure you don’t waste money on a 50 or 60 inch TV that your living room or bedroom can’t accommodate. Fortunately, with the thin and sleek design of modern TVs, it has become easier than ever to install a large TV that takes up minimal space. Here are some general guidelines to help you determine the ideal TV size for you:

  • • 32 inches or smaller: This size is perfect for bedrooms, kitchens and office areas.
  • • 33 to 49 inches: This size works extremely well in average-sized living rooms and bedrooms.
  • • 50 to 64 inches: This size provides excellent visual impact in larger living rooms.
  • • 65 to 90 inches: This size is ideal for media rooms and dedicated home cinemas for the best possible experience while watching movies and TV shows.


If you plan to use your TV for gaming and other visually intensive purposes, you will need to consider looking at TVs that have higher resolutions to ensure a smooth and fluid experience.

Resolution refers to the number of pixels in the picture, as well as its sharpness. Most TVs support at least HD ‘720p’, which is twice as sharp as standard definition TVs, but these are slowly being phased out in favour of Full HD ‘1080p’. More and more TVs are capable of supporting Full HD, which offers a picture quality that’s five times sharper than standard definition TVs. If you want something that will last you for five years or more, you may want to consider investing in an Ultra HD ‘4K’ TV. These are relatively new and are far more expensive, but they offer four times the resolution of a 1080p TV and are likely to become commonplace in the future.

Choose a TV That’s Right For You

With so many options to consider, the important thing is to choose a TV that will last – and it’ll also need to fit the available space in your living room or bedroom. You can rely on Appliance Warehouse to provide the best selection of TVs and TV accessories online in Australia from the best brands at competitive prices. For more information, call our friendly customer service team now on 1300 783 469.

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