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Integrated Coffee Machine Buying Guide

Integrated coffee machines are the ultimate addition to any stylish kitchen, providing a sleek, elegant and seamless look that fits perfectly into modern designs. However, there are many decisions that need to be made before choosing and purchasing an integrated machine for your kitchen. Luckily, Appliance Warehouse has compiled a useful buying guide to help walk you through the process. Continue reading to learn more about the various considerations, installation requirements and available options that you should know about before purchasing an integrated coffee machine for your home.

Space Considerations

Due to their seamless integration, it’s vital to get the dimensions right when planning for an integrated coffee machine. This means selecting a space within your kitchen that’s as close as possible to the size requirements of the machine. Whether you’ll be building around it or slotting it into an existing space, it’s important to carefully study the dimensions of the machine you’re considering to ensure a seamless fit and an easy installation process. 

Style and Finishes

Whether you have your heart set on the classic aesthetic of stainless steel or you prefer a black finish, there are many stylish options available to choose from when purchasing integrated coffee machines in Australia. Choose a finish that perfectly complements your existing kitchen decor, or opt to create a stunning kitchen feature that contrasts against existing appliances – the choice is yours. You’ll also have the option of selecting a model with a built-in clock and date display, helping you to stylishly keep track of time in the kitchen.


Integrated coffee machines often require extra installation measures that need to be considered before purchase. As they’re built-in, many models can be hooked up directly to your plumbing system to ensure a constant source of fresh water when it’s needed. However, this will require a plumber to be present for the installation – which can cost additional money. You’ll also need to consider the installation of the coffee machine into its designated space – do you already have a space that exactly matches the required dimensions, or will one first need to be created by a contracted carpenter or other tradesperson?

While installation can be costly and require outside help, there’s no denying that the end result – an attractive, fully integrated coffee machine – is a fantastic addition to your kitchen as well as a worthwhile investment for your home.

Want to Learn More?

If you’d like to obtain more information about integrated coffee machines, or if you’re seeking advice regarding the best option for your specific kitchen design, get in touch with the friendly team at Appliance Warehouse. We stock a fantastic selection of integrated coffee machines for purchase in Australia, including models from leading brands such as Miele, Neff and Smeg. Call our sales team now on 1300 783 469 to learn more. Alternatively, you can also browse through our range online and drop us a line through our contact form if you have any enquiries.

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