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Front Load Vs. Top Load Washing Machines

Looking to buy a top loader washing machine, but unsure of whether it’s actually a better choice than a front load washer? Find out the best option for your home with this quick comparison of the two types.


One of the most obvious distinctions between top loader washers and front load washing machines is the size. Both styles are generally close in width; however, they vary greatly in height and depth, which is why your living space is a huge factor that will ultimately impact on the style that you’ll eventually buy. Small spaces such as apartments can usually only accommodate front load washers while larger spaces can do with a top loader machine.

Door Position

This may seem like a minor detail, but the door position of your machine will make a big difference in terms of convenience. Front load washers are excellent if placed on an elevated platform, such as a pedestal, as you won’t be constantly bending down to load and unload your laundry. If you don’t have an elevated platform, a top loader washer will be far more convenient.

Last Minute Lid Flipping

Many of us will be familiar with running back to the washing machine to toss in a just-found pair of shorts or a t-shirt after the machine has started. This is fine with a top load washer, but there is no turning back once you’ve pushed the start button on a front loading machine. The door will be locked until the wash cycle has ended. Therefore, top loading machines offer a greater level of convenience when it comes to last minute lid flipping.


Front load washers have risen in popularity over the last few years because they’re more energy efficient than traditional top load washers. A top loading machine requires significantly more water to wash all the clothes in its drum, while front loading washing machines need only a third of that amount. Front loading machines therefore save water, energy and money over the life of the machine.


Front load washers do not come with an agitator, but many top load washers do. Not only do agitators lower washtub capacity, but they can also potentially damage clothes – a classic example of that is when drawstrings become tangled around the agitator during the wash cycle. But while agitators are tough, there is no evidence to say that they actually produce cleaner clothes. Front loading machines can produce exceptionally clean clothes as well, but because only gravity is at work in a front loading machine, you'll end up saving a lot of wear and tear on your laundry and extend the life of your linens and clothes.


Front loading machines typically cost several hundred dollars more than their top loading counterparts, so that is also something to consider when purchasing a new washing machine. The initial outlay for a front loader can be recouped over the long run in energy and water savings, but if you don’t have a big budget to begin with, it may be best to go with a traditional top loading machine.

Ultimately, your choice of machine will come down to personal preference. If you’re looking for a large range of top loader washers and front load washing machines in Australia, browse the range available at Appliance Warehouse today.

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