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2018 Bottom Mount Fridges Buying Guide


Why buy a Bottom Mount Fridge?

Buying a bottom mount refrigerator is all about user convenience. If you are the type of person who regularly accesses the fridge compartment, bottom mount units will save you the effort of having to bend down to reach for your food. Also, it will also save for you from getting major back pains. Having your refrigerated foods at eye level means that you don’t have to bend down to reach your foods. If you reach for your frozen foods very rarely in comparison to the refrigerated foods, the bottom mount unit is your perfect match. Having your cooled food items in eye level means that you can easily reach your food without having to bend down or guess where they are.


Pro’s & Cons of Bottom Mount Refrigerators?

As someone who already owns a bottom mount unit, I will no doubt be biased towards bottom mounts. However, different people have different needs with a fridge and therefore may choose to think otherwise. This list of pro’s and cons are based on my own experience.



  1. Bottom mount units are practical fridge designs. Foods that you regularly access, such as butter, vegetables and milk are at eye level, making it easy to access and grab.
  2. This design also prevents you from having to bend down to reach your cooled foods.
  3. The refrigerator compartment is large and spacious meaning that you can store large amounts of food.   
  4. Bottom mount units are becoming the most sought after refrigerators units. More technologically advanced and economically friendly units are now being manufactured by top quality brands.
  5. The freezer compartment are spacious and comes with slide-out baskets for storage.
  6. These units take up less floor space in comparison to French door fridges or side by side units.
  7. Cheaper than running and maintaining French door fridges or side by side units.
  8. More stylish, especially the units with a stainless-steel finish.



  1. Bottom mount fridges are generally slightly expensive than top mount units.
  2. It has been known that the freezer compartment can take long periods of time to cool frozen foods.



Why I think Bottom Mount units are ideal for a home?


As previously mentioned, I currently own a bottom mount unit and I will be biased towards this type. However, I have been trying to think about negatives of this fridge type but have failed to come up with more than 2 flaws.  As a user, I feel that having the food that I commonly use at eye level is a huge plus. I don’t have to bend down to look for food and also don’t have to guess where my foods are when I am lazy to bend down. Furthermore, as someone who really has a back problem, not having to bend to reach my food is a huge positive. Furthermore, bottom mount units use less space and energy in comparison to French Door units and side-by-side units.  These units are also very stylish due to their modern design. My current Westinghouse bottom mount fridge (WBB3400AG) is ideal for our two bedroom apartment.  With a stainless-steel finish, it also adds style and class to the kitchen.  As they are light weight, these fridges can be easily moved.



Where can I buy a Bottom Mount Fridge?


If you are in the market for a good quality Bottom Mount Fridge for a very good price, look no further than Appliance Warehouse. Located in Melbourne, Victoria, appliance Warehouse Online is the best place to buy good refrigerators online. We currently stock units from brands such as Beko, Electrolux, Fisher & Paykel, Liebherr, Miele, Mitsubishi & Westinghouse. We stock fridges with a capacity of 340 litres all the way up to 650 litres. If you have a question about buying a bottom mount fridge, please give our friendly customer service team a call on 1300 783 469. Alternatively, you can send us an email via our contact us form. Our expert customer service team will be sure to answer all your questions.


Top 10 Bottom Mount Fridges

Here is our currently list of top 10 bottom mount fridge’s for 2018.


  1. Westinghouse 340L Bottom Mount White Fridge WBB3400WG
  2. Kelvinator 450L Bottom Mount Fridge KBM4502AA-R
  3. Westinghouse 340L Bottom Mount Fridge Stainless Steel Fridge WBB3400AG
  4. Westinghouse 450L Bottom Mount Fridge WBE4500WA-R
  5. Fisher & Paykel 403L Bottom Mount Fridge RF402BRYX6
  6. Mitsubishi 402L 3 Door Bottom Mount Fridge MR-CX402EJ-R-A
  7. Westinghouse 450L Bottom Mount Fridge WBE4504SA-L
  8. 505L Beko Bottom Mount Freezer Fridge CN151120
  9. Westinghouse 530L Bottom Mount Fridge WBE5300SA-R
  10. Fisher & Paykel 442L Activesmart Refrigerator E442BRWFD5



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